About Skycapp

Founded in 2020, Skycapp is a U.S.-based, privately owned and family run business based in Phoenix, Arizona. It is managed by Founder and CTO Preston Lee, in tight collaboration with strategic partner organizations, with the vision of bringing plug-and-play software interoperability into healthcare’s heavily vendor-centric IT market.

Skycapp’s mission is to make standards-based, automation-first, vendor neutral software distribution the de facto supply chain model for all health IT globally.

About the Founder

Dr. Preston Lee, PhD, MBA, FAMIA began his journey into health IT delivery systems in preparation for his dissertation, “Automated Injection of Curated Knowledge Into Real-Time Clinical Systems: CDS Architecture for the 21st Century”, also resulting in the balloting and publication of the HL7/Logica Health Services Platform Marketplace Standard for Trial Use (STU) specification now underpinning Skycapp. Throughout Dr. Lee’s tenure as CTO of Logica Health – the U.S. non-profit developer of the Logica FHIR Sandbox system – he developed a deep understanding of healthcare’s software supply chain challenges, particularly in pursuit of interoperable IT systems and regulatory compliance. Through his current role at HL7 International on HL7 Foundry and Accelerator programs, Dr. Lee is able to share his experience and vision through Skycapp’s practical yet principled approach to easing adoption of interoperability standards. Academically, Dr. Lee is also co-investigator of the NIH-funded Substance use HeAlth REcording Sharing (SHARES) grant at Arizona State University (ASU), leading architecture and engineering of novel consent-controlled sensitive FHIR data exchange mechanisms and CDS Hooks-based clinical decision support (CDS) software.

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Company Summary

Skycapp provides automated healthcare application delivery, licensing, and billing tools for health and wellness software built to FHIR, SMART-on-FHIR, CDS Hooks, and other public standards. It is a leading provider of innovative healthcare software solutions and implementation services dedicated to advancing public health through high-impact software, automation, and a commitment to standards and interoperability. Skycapp can be reached at https://skycapp.com and contact@skycapp.com.


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