We handle your FHIR app baggage.

Skycapp provides automated app licensing, delivery, and billing tools for healthcare software built to FHIR, SMART-on-FHIR, CDS Hooks, and other public standards.

Skycapp Server

for health IT marketplace operators

Dynamic Cataloging

An interactive, categorized public directory of immediately deployable products.

Web Curation

Browser-based dashboard for administrative control of listings.

API First

Automated app deployment support via REST APIs and strict containerization.

Digital Rights Management

Dynamic product authorization for usage limit enforcement, freemium products, and out-of-band billing.

License Entitlement

Commercial-friendly licensing support for app site licensing, dated expiry, use-based billing, and open source models.


Customers add your apps to their own runtime environment with intuitive, web-based controls.

Vendor Neutrality

Skycapp is focused on apps committed to healthcare standards, such as FHIR. We’re not tethered to any specific EHR vendor or cloud provider.

We support delivery of frontend, backend, and middleware applications written in TypeScript/JS, Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, Rust, PHP, and all mainstream languages. We care about interoperability, not frameworks.

Built for Agile Software Product Development

We’re a U.S. company with global healthcare IT compatibility. Run your own instance of Skycapp to deliver FHIR-oriented solutions compliant with your locale and governance policies.

Flexible App Distribution Licensing with Fair Digital Rights Management

Enterprise Skycapp users may enable automatic app utilization metrics for custom billing and analytics using your app licensing model(s) of choice. It’s amazingly flexible and simple.

You decide what to charge. Skycapp makes it happen.

17 years? Try 17 seconds.

“Healthcare’s lag between scientific discovery and patient impact is absurd. Skycapp is an unapologetic rejection of the traditional health IT innovation model. We need modern, standardized application delivery just as much as interoperable data.”
Dr. Preston Lee, PhD, MBA

Free for Open Source

Open Source Apps
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  • Non-commercial F/OSS
  • Academic projects
  • Most government works
  • Basic integrations
  • Always free

Commercial Apps
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  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Bill calculation
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Custom integrations
  • Technical support