We are thrilled to announce that Skycapp — the cutting-edge platform for automated delivery of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and clinical decision support (CDS) software — has won the AHRQ Challenge on “Designing the Optimal Future State of CDS Connect” in the “Most Innovative” category.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) launched the contest on Challenge.gov to solicit proposals to inform the future direction of AHRQ’s CDS Connect program: aimed at advancing the integration of evidence-based clinical knowledge into health IT systems. With healthcare standards, technology, and regulations rapidly evolving, the need for interoperable, automated, and user-friendly FHIR implementation solutions has never been greater.

Skycapp’s winning proposal to AHRQ would see CDS Connect extend its scope downstream to CDS adopters by establishing an automated, standards-based CDS and FHIR-based software supply chain. This ecosystem would, as proposed, be run in collaboration with private software vendors to create a “click to deploy” CDS experience akin to consumer systems, yet subject to AHRQ’s governance model. Unlike current CDS Connect systems, support for future artifacts would include both current Open Source licenses as well as paid use licenses necessary for commercial use cases.

Leveraging the power of FHIR, Skycapp’s proposed approach would shift CDS dissemination from an unintentional “publish, adopt, deploy” model, to an intentional “publish, deploy, adopt” model. This subtle paradigm change would enable decision makers to test artifacts in local context prior to adoption, thus reducing risks by providing users with hands-on evaluation prior to commitment.

“We are immensely honored for the recognition, and hopeful for an opportunity to work with AHRQ on pursuing this vision”, said Founder/CTO Preston Lee at Skycapp. “It is incredibly validating to our mission of revolutionizing CDS, and I’m already thinking of ways to double down.”

As we celebrate this milestone achievement, we remain dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare IT and look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence in healthcare technology.

For more information about Skycapp, visit https://www.skycapp.com.

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