Multi-Badge Filtering

Badges can now be placed into a category. When a pinned badge is categorized, the badge will be presented under a corresponding heading in the catalog browser. The category with the highest priority badge is presented first.

For administrators, a badge’s category can optionally be set in the badge edit screen, shown below.

If you would like a set of uncategorized badges to appear prior to any category headings, simply set their badge priority higher than that of any categorized badge.

Curation Sidebar

The curation portal has been redesigned to use the same sidebar-based design as the catalog browser, and will remain visible while editing a product to allow for more quickly switching between them.

Other Enhancements

  • Native platform availability for both x86-64 and arm64.
  • Ability to overlay a custom logo file into the site name.
  • Better product owner reassignment UI.
  • Improved support for permalinks.
  • Fixed header snap loading issue.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes!

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