Product Submission Checklist

For simply publishing to a catalog, curators will require the following:

  • [Image] 1x square .png product logo
    At least 500×500. Use transparency (alpha channel) for background colors. Test it on both white and black backgrounds for legibility.
  • [Image] 1+ square screenshots
    Each with short title and caption, preferably 1000×1000 or greater.
  • [Text – Markdown Format] Descriptive general product text for general audiences. Avoid overly-technical terms and undefined acronyms. We recommend 1-4 paragraphs.
  • [Text – Markdown Format] Optional instructive content for things that aren’t automated, and any common “Getting Started” or FAQ material needed by new users.
  • [URLs] Highly recommended, but optional, for:
    • Support
    • Source code – only applicable to Open Source software
    • Live evaluation environment – preferably hosted under a domain known and trusted by users
  • [URLs] Optional list of external URLs and link names.
  • [Text] Optional proposed badge names within the catalog you would like curators to consider.

For users to utilize product distribution and deployment features, the following are also required for all pre-defined build and configuration options:

  • Public container image URL.
  • High-level names of standardized “interfaces” required by and exposed from your product, such as “CDS Hooks 2.0” or “FHIR 4.0.1”. This may also include certain common protocols or dialects such as “PostgreSQL 16” or “MongoDB 7”.
  • Default image tag (or we’ll assume “latest”), and any other relevant tags. For each tag, please include 1+ instructive sentences telling users when to use that tag.
  • Default configuration environment variables and port mappings for each tag. They can be completely different!
  • Full list of underlying product dependencies and major versions — such as MySQL, Redis etc — the default image, tag, and settings for environment variables and port mappings.