We were recently honored to present on stage with HL7 leadership at the HIMSS 2024 Interoperability Showcase, Thought Leadership Theater on “What’s Now and Next for FHIR”. In addition to broader 2024 plans for HL7 Foundry, Dr. Lee spoke to screenshots of the in-flight deployment of the Skycapp platform unpinning this exciting new infrastructure, as well as the major milestone targets for the calendar year.

Dr. Lee speaking with HL7 at the HIMSS 2024 Interoperability Showcase in Orlando, Florida. From left to right: Charles Jaffe (CEO, HL7), Preston Lee, Daniel Vreeman (Chief Standards Development Officer, HL7), Su Chen, and Diego Kaminker (Deputy Chief Standards Implementation Officer, HL7)

The session marks the first time the HL7 Foundry deployment of Skycapp has been presented at a live in-person forum, and we are tremendously grateful to HL7 for the opportunity to share the vision and initial use cases on stage together with key HL7 leaders.

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