The Mobilizing Computable Biomedical Knowledge (MCBK) organizers have posted the video recording of Dr. Lee’s February 28th, 2024 presentation, Automated CBK Deployment through Delivery Standards and the Skycapp Platform. In this 15-minute brief, Dr. Lee covers core challenging impacting adoption of publishing CDS and CBK, philosophical adjustments to the ecosystem, Skycapp’s automation-first approach, and new milestones in HL7’s “Foundry” implementation of the Skycapp platform.

“Automated CBK Deployment through Delivery Standards and the Skycapp Platform”, delivered live at the MCBK conference February 28th, 2024

About MCBK North America Conference: The MCBK North America (NA) Conference brings together pioneering thought leaders, researchers, and industry experts in the field of biomedical informatics to explore the latest advancements in findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) biomedical knowledge captured in computable form such as software. Stewarded by the University of Michigan, it serves as a platform for sharing groundbreaking advancements, fostering collaboration, and exploring the latest technologies.

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