[Phoenix, Arizona] – Skycapp, a leading innovator in the dissemination of standards-oriented healthcare software, is thrilled to announce a license and support agreement with HL7, a prominent global healthcare standards organization. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the healthcare industry, bringing together the expertise of Skycapp in software distribution solutions with HL7’s dedication to advancing interoperability and standards.

The agreement aims to foster innovation in the HL7 Implementation Division and FHIR Accelerator programs, enhance exchange of software Reference Implementations, and improve overall healthcare standards adoption by providing Skycapp’s cutting-edge software platform to HL7’s community of contributors developing and maintaining standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information.

Key highlights of the agreement include:

  1. Ease FHIR Implementation Guide (IG) Adoption: By providing an instance of Skycapp’s state-of-the-art, standards-based platform to HL7, reference implementation (RI) developers will be able to publish their works for turnkey consumption by implementors worldwide, leading to better IG usability, faster real-world implementations, and stakeholder collaboration centered around real, running examples.
  2. Standardization of Published Applications and Artifacts: Skycapp and HL7 will work collaboratively to ensure that published software (such as SMART-on-FHIR applications, FHIR servers, and CDS Hooks services) as well as computable licensed content are packaged using open specifications with a priority on compatibility, notably with the HL7/Logica Marketplace specification. This will ultimately lead to a decoupling of application experiences from proprietary EHR and cloud platforms.
  3. Education and Training: The agreement includes effort to educate HL7 stakeholders on use and operation of the system for curation of the published catalog. Committed HL7 FHIR IG/RI developers part of approved FHIR Accelerator programs will be offered initial access.
  4. Global Impact: Skycapp and HL7’s collaboration is poised to have a global impact, influencing the adoption of standardized healthcare solutions across borders and promoting a more connected and efficient global healthcare ecosystem.

Leadership from both Skycapp and HL7 Implementation Division have expressed excitement and the potential positive impact on healthcare operations worldwide. This agreement reflects the commitment of both organizations to drive positive change and innovation in the healthcare industry.

For more information about Skycapp and HL7, please visit https://www.skycapp.com and https://www.hl7org.

About Skycapp: Skycapp provides automated healthcare application licensing, delivery, and billing tools for health and wellness software built to FHIR, SMART-on-FHIR, CDS Hooks, and other public standards. It is a leading provider of innovative healthcare software solutions and implementation services dedicated to improving patient care, optimizing workflows, and advancing outcomes through high-impact software, real-word experience, and an unapologetic commitment to standards and interoperability.

About HL7 [taken from hl7.org]: Health Level Seven® International (HL7) is an ANSI-accredited, not-for-profit standards developing organization with the mission of empowering global health interoperability. With affiliates in over 30 countries, HL7’s global membership envisions a world in which everyone can securely access and use the right data when and where they need it. Widely implemented by vendor and health care systems, and required by governing bodies around the world, HL7 standards deliver solutions for health information technology, including HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®), Version 2 (V2) and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®)

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