Skycapp is proud to announce it has joined InterOp.Community (I.C)! I.C is a collaboration advancing healthcare interoperability through the use of open platforms and open source software.

Together, Skycapp and InterOp.Community will:

  • Promote the adoption of FHIR and other interoperability standards.
  • Develop and deploy innovative healthcare applications that seamlessly integrate with existing systems.
  • Advance public health initiatives through improved data exchange and care coordination.

InterOp.Community is the maintainer and steward of MELD: the open source FHIR sandboxing system originally based on the Logica Sandbox. This relationship signifies a significant step forward in creating a more interoperable and efficient healthcare system for all by opening channels between the application delivery capabilities of Skycapp and HL7 with the power of a fully open source FHIR sandbox stack. Read the Interoperability Institute announcement on LinkedIn at

Learn more about InterOp.Community at:

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