Catalog Sorting and Pagination

The product catalog now includes pagination and sorting controls. By default, product search results will be displayed with the most recently updated listings first.

Direct Search Linking

You may now link directly to catalog search result pages by adding parameters to the root URL of your Skycapp deployment. For example, a link to…,Recommended

..will return results with a name or description containing “awesome” and either a “New” or “Recommended” badge. Note that search results are always dynamic and may be paginated. If your search text or badge name contains a space, URL encode it using ‘%20’.

Product References to External URLs

Product listings may now link out to any number of URLs. References will automatically render alongside other product metadata and open in a new browser tab, and are managed via a new area in the curation portal.

References may also be used to trigger device-specific behaviors by using protocols others than https or http. For example, a reference URL of..


..will trigger a mobile device to dial the provided phone number. On a desktop with compatible dialing apps (such as Skype), the browser will request authorization and then attempt to dial out. The same can be done for launching other compatible native desktop or mobile application integrations.

Product-Level Feedback

Individual product pages now automatically feature a button for leaving feedback specific to that product. You may also direct link to the provided product-specific feedback page.

Custom Main Navigation Menus

Administrators can now add custom drop-down menus to the header bar both before and/or after the primary built-in menus. They are created and managed through a new “Menus” area within the System screen.

Other Enhancements

  • Ability for users to show and search by non-pinned badges.
  • Incremental improvements to curation portal.
  • Fixed deletion bugs on certain administrative data types.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes!

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